About us

About us

Urban Pro Cosmetics is a new urban story aimed at to set new standards in the field of professional cosmetics and its accessibility to all customers and customers, constantly expanding its range with new products and brands.

New Brand

The new story is the beginning of the new brand. Urban Pro Cosmetics launches its own product line which along with a combination of urban and professional
give the perfect blend to meet the beauty standards for every woman.

A bid

Like everything else, our ofer is just like that. Urban and professional. The world’s most famous brands in all areas of cosmetics, including makeup, hair care and body care, hairdressing equipment and cosmetic salons, you can find, both on our shelves, and in the online store.


In order to stay urban and professional, we regularly enrich ourselves our knowledge, working with all the important foreign and domestic experts in the field of cosmetics. We are also regular on all cosmetic events and fairs throughout Europe and the world.

The future

With time, the meaning of urban is also changing. What is today urban, not tomorrow. What is professionally today, it must be tomorrow even more. Accordingly, our goal is not reaching others, but setting up new standards of urban and professional look at the beauty.