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amended, the User is entitled access, change, and delete personal

Online support: [email protected]

When entering your personal information, you are required to provide true,
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It is forbidden to affect or interfere with the operation of the website,
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You abuse it in any other way



URBAN PRO COSMETICS does not want to receive from you on its website
confidential or other information they can not freely dispose of.
All materials, information or other communications you transmit or send
shall not be considered confidential and for those who can not be freely
to dispose of. has no obligation
according to these announcements. Our employees can copy, discover,
distribute, apply, or otherwise use communications and all
data, images, sounds, text and all other materials contained therein
for any, that is, for all commercial and non-commercial purposes.
It is forbidden to send or transfer to or from the website, any
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other content and materials, which are contrary to any law.

Of course, this data group does not include your personal data.
We use them in accordance with our Privacy Policy
internal use, we do not disclose, nor forward to third parties,
We are using it solely for the processing of your online orders.
URBAN PRO COSMETICS may suspend, temporarily suspend
or modifies your account or access to the website or parts of the website,
without prior notice, for any reason.


URBAN PRO COSMETICS is trying to publish and update the content
website and provide users with precise data. Yet,
URBAN PRO COSMETICS can not guarantee accuracy, precision
or the comprehensiveness of data that exists on the site. All content
and information The web site is informative. In providing information about
products, URBAN PRO COSMETICS relies partly on the description
products made by manufacturers and third parties. It can happen
that the material on this website contains technical inaccuracies or
typographical errors. URBAN PRO COSMETICS disclaims all
a guarantee of any kind (including, but not limited to, explicit,
by default or by law) for accuracy, completeness, reliability
content and information on the website. We do not guarantee any advice
which you came through with our website. URBAN PRO COSMETICS has made all eorts to display colors
products on the website as accurately as possible. However, the real color
which are seen depends on a variety of factors, including the screen,
which is used and its calibration or monitor settings.
URBAN PRO COSMETICS does not guarantee that the color display
is accurate. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the use of the website,
please contact us at: [email protected]


URBAN PRO COSMETICS seeks to provide continuous access
web site, no obligation. It is stated for the purpose of maintenance,
synchronization data, setup and all other technical actions, access
The web site may be disabled. URBAN PRO COSMETICS is not
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full liability for any damage caused by loading documents
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URBAN PRO COSMETICS will not be responsible for any
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Each user must have permission to use the content from the website,
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through any means and in any format, now and in the future,
to translate an application into another language or dialect, adjusts the app
or to dispose of the site in any other way than the use of which it
is allowed by these instructions. URBAN PRO COSMETICS
It is not responsible for any direct or indirect consequences, and the
damage they may have cause inaccurate information or piracy.
URBAN PRO COSMETICS assumes no responsibility for the result
tips that are given to the user. URBAN PRO COSMETICS does not give
no guarantee is explicit or implicit, and does not assume responsibility
to implement advice and product use. They are given in the sense
instructions for use and must be verified by an expert.
For additional information or in case of some confusion, the user can
contact the following address: [email protected]



Personal information you provide to at the time
Registrations for the purpose of access to Pricelists and Online Orders,
will be treated in accordance with the online privacy policy.
In order to successfully process your order, we need your name
surname, address, e-mail and phone. With the help of this data we will be in
the ability to deliver the desired goods to you as well as to inform you
about the current status of the order. We commit ourselves to our name
We will protect the privacy of all our customers.
We collect only the necessary, basic user data and data
necessary for operating and informing the user in accordance with the good
business practices and in order to provide quality service. We give it
customers can choose, including the ability to decide whether they want to
or not to be deleted from the mailing list. All user data, respectively
customers are strictly guarded and are only available to employees who
they are information necessary for doing business. We commit We do not use the collected data for
any other purpose, nor do we use them We are forwarding to third parties.
In addition to these, we collect, analyze and process data about
products that our visitors are searching for and buying, as well as about
the sites they visit they visit. We use this information to improve the offer
and appearance our pages, and make it easier for you to use and order.
The site uses Cookies. As is usual at all
Internet sites for registration are necessary for your Internet browser
Supports Cookies. Cookies are standard on most
Internet search software. Cookies are small files that
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after the site and personalizing the service that was offered to him. To
have benefited from a set of features that are on the site, recommends
you can set your browser to accept cookies. Cookies from the site
do not contain data that allows you to identify, and conceive
are so that URBAN PRO COSMETICS can only be used by them. It's Cookie
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Cookies can not be used to launch a program or to deliver a virus
Your computer. Cookies are uniquely assigned to you and only you can
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The main purpose of cookies is to provide the benefits you will be able to
save time when visiting our website.


The use of our website implies the consent of the user with
mentioned Terms of Use. URBAN PRO COSMETICS
reserves the right to modify and supplement the Terms of Use, in respect
of the issue alignment with new regulatory or legislative measures and
will be considered accepted by the user without any reservations.
URBAN PRO COSMETICS may review these Terms at any time,
by updating this document. The terms are binding for each user
and it is considered that each user is familiar with the same.


If you use you are responsible for maintenance and
the confidentiality of your account and the passwords you received when
registering on the website. By using the site you are
responsible for everything activities that take place in your account and
with your password. We reserve the right to refuse the provision of services,
terminate the order or cancel the order, if we find that they have been
breached Terms of use. Your information you provided when registering
on we will use it for realization
ordering and establishing a business contact, and we will not use them
for other purposes or to transmit them in any way to third parties.



The website is available through all
computers general purpose devices, that is personal, desktop or laptop
computers that use one of the operating systems: Microsoft Windows,
Mac OS, Linux, Free BSD and more.


Access to the website is provided via
computer programs (browsers), such as: Mozilla Firefox,
Opera, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer
etc. by directly typing the link of our website or by visiting
keywords in one of the web browsers: Google, Yahoo, Ask,
Aol, Bing, Netscape and others.


The website can be accessed via the website
all tablet devices and mobile phones that use some of the operating
Android, iOS, Windows. The website is customized for use
on all devices that are used on a daily basis. It opens on either
which size the screen of the device, or any screen resolution.


On desktop and laptop computers, the web site opens in dierent ways
display sizes, expressed in inches: 12 ", 15", 17 ", 19", 21 ",
22 ", 24", etc.
Recommended monitor resolution on which the website is displayed is the most optimal width 1200 px


Products are organized by categories you can view
via the main menu of the product. You need to click on one
of the categories in the main Products menu, which is located in the
header web site and a list of all subcategories will open. Clicking on
someone from the subcategories all products from the selected
category are opened. If you are registered on our website and logged
in to your account, In this review, you will be able to see the prices of
the product. To read more detailed product description or view
enlarged photo product, you need to click on the desired product in
the thumb display (a thumbnail in the product group).

If you want to view products from the same main category
on which you clicked on the main product menu, on the left
other subcategories will appear, which will allow for faster access
categories of similar content. If you still want to review
products from another major category, it is necessary again
to click on the desired category in the main menu of the product,
after which subcategories are opened.


Product search is a simple, fast and efficient way to buy
find the desired product. The speed of the invention of the
desired product is from Of great importance for ordering efficiency.

The search for products on our website is done through the Search,
which is on the right side of the main menu of the product.
The system searches for products for the given keyword by following it
address, code, or product category to show
the most favorable result.
Clicking the Search button opens the box for entering the words
you want and search phrase for the product database.


To create your account on our website you need to
register on the Registration page with a valid e-mail address.
After successful registration, you will receive a message in the Inbox
of your mail with the password, which is required for logging into your
account on our web site. Logging to your account is done in the header
of the site, on its own top (next to the facebook and twitter icons),
where there are fields for enter the e-mail address you entered when
registering and the password which you received after registration.

By logging into your account on our website, you can accomplish
the following:

- Possibility of reviewing and downloading complete PRICES
from our sales range.

- Possibility of reviewing and downloading complete PRICES
from our sales range.

- Possibility of reviewing and downloading complete PRICES
from our sales range.

-If you want to contact us, ask a question, suggest a suggestion
or criticism, you can send us a message on the My Account page where
you have it the ability to send new messages. The answer will be sent
to youas soon as possible.

- On the My Account page, you can read the NEW received message,
as well as review all the sent and received messages.

- If you want to unsubscribe from your account, you can do it
by clicking on the Logout button


Dear users,

In case of any problem in the functioning of the electrical appliance
it is necessary to terminate the use immediately, the problem is
reported to the seller and act upon the instructions given.You can contact our customer service every working day from 8h to 20h and Saturday from 08h to 15: 30h, to the email: [email protected]

The consumer's legal rights are regulated by the Consumer Protection Act
A consumer is a physical person who supplies goods or services for the
purpose of the market which are not intended for his business or other
commercial activities (Article 5, Paragraph 1, Item 1 of the Consumer
Protection Act). Customers who use the camera for business purposes
or other commercial activities are not considered as consumers,
and are not subject to the Law onConsumer protection. The duration of liability for conformity is 24 months, starting from the date of purchase. The 24-month period applies exclusively to
consumers which electrical appliance is used for purposes other than
business purpose or other commercial activity.
Customers who are not subject to the consumer protection law are
provided a 12 month warranty.

Procedure in case of non-conformity of electrical appliance

In case of non-conformity, contact the seller
when the product is purchased, with the product purchased and with
proof ofshopping. The person in charge of receipt of complaints will
conduct the procedure processing of complaints in accordance with the
procedure prescribed by law. The seller is obliged to immediately,
without delay, and at the latest within 8 (eight) days from the receipt
of the complaint, in writing or electronically answer the consumer to the
declared complaint. Seller Response The customer's complaint must
contain the decision whether to accept it complaint, consumer demand
statement and a specific proposal and deadline to deal with complaints.
The deadline can not be longer than 15 days, or 30 days for technical
goods and furniture, from the date of submission complaints. If the seller
is not able for objective reasons to meet the consumer's request within
the agreed time limit, he is obliged to to inform the consumer about
the extension of the deadline for resolving the complaint specify the
deadline in which it will be solved, as well as to obtain its consent, which is obliged to record in the record of received complaints.
Extension of the deadline for resolving complaints is possible only once.

Goods conform to the contract:

-If it corresponds to the description given by the seller and if it has the
characteristics of the goods which the seller has shown to the consumer
as a sample or model; -If it has the properties necessary for the particular
use for which the consumer is acquires, which was known to the seller
or it must have been known at the time of the conclusion of the contract;

-If it has the properties necessary for the regular use of goods of the
same type;

-By quality and function, it corresponds to what is normal for goods of
the same kind and what the consumer can reasonably expect from
given the nature of the goods and public promises of special properties
goods provided by the seller, manufacturer or their representative,
especially if the promise is made by ad or on the packaging of goods.


-Ukoliko se kupac nije pridržavao tehnickog uputstva o upotrebi
i uputstva o održavanju ureaja.

-If the buyer did not comply with the technical instructions on use
and instructions on maintaining the device.

-If an authorized service finds that the customer is incompetent and
careless treated the product.

-If the product was serviced by an unauthorized person.

-In case of damage caused by electric shock, lightning strike,
natural disasters, etc.

-The right to reclamation does not apply to graphite brushes, bearings,
lamps, knives, batteries, cables, or all

-The right to reclamation does not apply to graphite brushes, bearings,
lamps, knives, batteries, cables, or all

-If the consumer uses an electrical appliance for business purposes or
others commercial activities, the right to complaint based on
the lack of visibility is not recognized. These buyers are provided by the
manufacturer warranty within 12 months from the moment of purchase
of the product.

-A authorized service will check whether the electrical appliance is used
for business purposes or other commercial activities.


By registering on our website and logging on to your
You get the option of Online ordering of products
from our sales range.


Select the desired item from the product menu and click on
button Send. After the first ordered item, it is formed
an order that remains active until you're done with
ordering. You can interrupt at any time
ordering and continue for several days, because it will be active
order to be open.

When ordering items, there is a possibility
review the current order status, where you can
Follow the quantity of ordered products, as well as the total
amount of order. After selecting all the items you are interested in,
With the current order, click the Finish and Order button.
Then you will be able to check and edit
Your information, if there have been some changes
(the address to which the shipment is sent, the contact
telephone). Too, you will be able to choose the delivery
method and payment method. Your order will then be automatically forwarded
our sales department, which will be timely
contact, to verify all details.


For all questions and diculties in ordering you can
contact our sales department at:

email: [email protected] ( 8:00h do 16:00h )




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